Our key areas of expertise are the:


Building Law

Building law / construction law has been one of our main areas of specialisation from the very beginning on, especially the private building law. In this field we give advise to our clients, both private and commercial builders in wording building contracts as well as handling claims asserted against builders under guarantee or advisory services and the representation in the field of prime contractor and subcontractor agreements. This includes agreements concerning the supervision of construction and of contracts with property developers.


Corporate Law

Corporate law has been our second main area of specialisation from start on. In this field we are particularly competent in advising all matters concerning partnerships and limited liability companies both, with national and international context and as well from the scratch (start-up´s). Due to this we provide legal advice regarding the selection of the most suitable company form, the formation of companies, the draft and wording of articles of association and partnership agreements and of all agreements with executive bodies and their members.

Our work includes as well purchase agreements in respect of companies and shares in companies, the transformation and incorporation of companies mergers and contracts between business enterprises (e.g. control agreements, agreements to transfer profit). In the field of international law we particularly give advice on the formation of companies, co-operations and joint ventures, especially concerning english based private limited companies (Ltd.), swiss based companies (AG) and worldwide based companies, e.g. offshore companies. In this field we can guarantee the support of our close linked cooperation offices in England (London), Italy (Milan) and Switzerland (Zurich) as well as the professional services from lawyers being specialised in the law of taxation.


Civil and Contract Law

The law of real estate

One further field of our specialisation is the law of real estate and all legal questions being concerned herewith. Our advisory service ranges from organising the sale of (building-) land, working out plans for the provision of finances and counselling property developers in all matters of real estate. Our work in this field includes all law regarding the ownership of real estate as well as strong advice for tenants and landlords in both private dwellings and commercial premises. We as well are prepared to offer our wide range of experience in enforcing the purchase and sale of private and commercial property and all aspects of representing creditors in foreclosure and receivership proceedings.

Litigation and debt enforcement

Since we are admitted at all courts in Germany, either provincial courts, higher provincial courts and Courts of Appeal (except Bundesgerichtshof),
we represent our clients at all courts in Germany in cases of litigation in the whole field of civil law. Due to the close link to our correspondence offices, we can as well bring cases in different areas in England, Italy and Switzerland working together with our colleagues being admitted at the relevant courts.

In the field of debt enforcement of national and international judical decision and debt certificates we frequently achieve valuable successes by the intensively use of all aspects of enforcement law.


Law of Commerce

Our office gives advise to and represents national and international trading companies and business people in both, the national and international area especially concerning contracts for the supply of goods, the commission and storage business and all other contracts that have to be seen under the scope of the law of commerce, e.g the draft of General Terms and Conditions. Our activities in this field include as well the area of law governing the relations to authorised dealers and sales representatives.